Berry-Lemonade Ice Pops

This sweet and tart recipe is the perfect treat for a hot summer afternoon. These ice pops are packed full of vitamins, but the great taste is what will bring people coming back for more.



lemons, juiced and divided

2   c


12   c


12   c


12   c


14   c

water, divided

5   tbsp

granulated sugar, divided

6   tbsp

plain Greek yogurt, divided

Berry-Lemonade Ice Popsrecipe

Add ½ of lemon juice, all berries, water, 3 tablespoons sugar, and 2 tablespoons yogurt to FourSide jar. Secure lid and select "Sauce." Pour mixture into ice pop molds, and freeze until solid. 

Meanwhile, add remaining lemon juice, water, sugar, and yogurt to FourSide jar. Secure lid and run on Speed 1 for 10 seconds. Store lemon mixture in covered container in refrigerator until berry mixture in molds is frozen.

Pour lemon mixture over frozen berry mixture, insert sticks in ice pops, and freeze until lemon mixture is solid.

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